Calling time on the pimping of the poor

The media love to pimp the poor. We have seen endless attempts by John Campbell and Simon Collins all year. The latest pimping of the poor though is at Christmas and at?the?City Mission annual dinner…which they love to pimp up as being for the under privileged.

The City Mission aren’t much better themselves sending out media packs with helpful phrases to use when reporting their Christmas dinner.

The news gushes that record numbers attended, but what the hell do you expect? they have run wall to wall coverage of a free feed for Christmas. The City Mission has sent, by my count going through my inbox at least 6 press releases pimping their main event to the media.

But are they really needy people?

Check this tweet from Brian Edwards:

There are always those having a lend…

and this one from Felix Marwick about a bus load of Chinses tourists who swelled the numbers for a gawk and a free feed.

I don’t know why Felix is upset, media organisations have pimped the poor for years, parading them in front of the cameras…some enterprising tour operator is just extending that idea…next thing they will be running tours of Clendon Park. At least Marcus Lush seems to see some sense: