Carnage in Politics, Ctd

So, how’s all that democratic socialism going on at the Labour Party, because from over here it looks more like an online Stalinist purge?

Not very wise engaging with Labour online… First they forget to password protect their confidential donors, now they break their own confidentiality rules by exposing those ?members who comment critically?

Will Russell blog his mum’s lamb chop recipe, or will he express solidarity with rank and file Labour members who wish to express their true feelings about Labour’s internal dissent?

Can we expect to hear a speech or a newspaper thinkpiece from David Cunliffe soon about the importance of party members in a democracy?

Cunliffe might never be leader, but will history yet record him as the conscience of the party like John A. Lee was?

“As well as arguing for a more socialist policy platform, Lee also criticised the Labour Party’s internal structure. In particular, he sought to abolish the tradition of having the Prime Minister appoint Cabinet ? instead, he wished Cabinet to be elected by?caucus. This was rejected by Savage, and Lee began to portray himself not merely as a campaigner for socialism but as a campaigner for internal party democracy.”

If they can’t govern themselves democratically or even autocratically, how will they expect to run New Zealand in a broad based coalition of left-thinking loons?

Imagine Clare Curran leaking anti-Green messages after cabinet meetings… Imagine Mallard sneering at Hone’s left wing advisors…