Carnage in Politics, Ctd

This has to really be comment of the week, but it follows on from yesterday’s post about Carnage in Politics.

The left is eating itself, and because of the advent of social media and blogs it is all very, very public. It is actually a delight to behold and far be it from me to hide the carnage under a bushell. I read?The Standard?Lynn Prentice’s hate speech blog?so you don’t have to.

This comment left by SHG on The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate speech blog is an example of what is currently unfolding within Labour:

Clare Curran?s greatest hits?(this is an update of a post I made on Danyl?s blog a while back)

I keep hearing how Curran is a communications expert, and seeing absolutely no evidence of it. As Labour?s telecommunications spokesperson she appears to be technically ignorant and of average literacy at best. Examples:
Curran finds out about a site on the interwebs called ? (/facepalm) and has discovered that NZ is actually geographically remote and its ?bandwidth data? or something is, um, less good than that of someone somewhere else.
Curran discovers that broadband in South Korea and Japan is faster than in NZ and DEMANDS AN EXPLANATION.
Curran, Labour spokesperson for Communications and Information Technology, proclaims that typing ?LOL? is silly and that everyone should stop it.

Do you do Droopol (sp?) tell me. Would you do some stuff for us? #pleasenicely?
Clare Curran (@clarecurranmp) May 10, 2011

Curran, Labour spokesperson for Communications and Information Technology, seeks crowd-sourced assistance with Open Source content management framework. Shortly before it was revealed that Labour?s ?Droopol? installation was sharing confidential donor information with the entire Internet.

Oh yeah, there was her hard-hitting poll on Red Alert:

?Internet speeds: are they fast enough??

[ ] YES
[ ] NO
Curran, Labour spokesperson for Communications and Information Technology, lectures Simon Power on this thing she?s discovered called the Internet, informing him that (and I quote) ?Bit Torrent is one of the major sites where you go to get content and download it for free (and illegally).?
Curran posts to Red Alert basically saying ?Fuck the fucking Greens, those bastards are stealing left-leaning voters and those votes belong to Labour BY RIGHT.?!/clarecurranmp/status/117484871269617664
Curran goes full retard by accusing Cameron Slater, David Farrar, Matthew Hooton, the Young Nationals, and (this is a verbatim quote) ?the non-Labour left? of conspiring together to attack Labour. No shit, she said ?the non-Labour left?. So there?s an evil conspiracy against Labour being masterminded by the National Party, right-leaning private citizens, and everyone else in the world who isn?t part of Labour. That?s a pretty big conspiracy, eh.
Curran, Labour spokesperson for Communications and Information Technology, defends the bill which makes NZers guilty upon accusation by opining that it does NOT make NZers guilty upon accusation. In spite of all legal advice to the contrary.!/clarecurranmp/status/110122884172759040

Are there loudness discrepancies found on NZ TV adverts vs progs and if so should they be monitored and a unified national standard created?

Curran, Labour spokesperson for Communications and Information Technology, decides that the subjective difference between the loudness of TV shows and TV ads is so important as to require monitoring and national standards. For bonus lols: check the datestamp, she decided and proclaimed this DURING THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN. Presumably there was nothing else important going on.
Curran, Labour spokesperson for Communications and Information Technology, decides it would be a good use of taxpayers? money to investigate if John Key?s twitter-follower count is accurate. Seriously.

Remember, this is a person who thought that of all the issues facing families, workers, and beneficiaries in Dunedin South the most important thing to thrust into the spotlight in Parliament was her support of the Highlanders Super Rugby jersey. Understandable of course, what with it being a taonga with the cultural significance that only comes with not actually existing before 1996 and being manufactured by a German sportswear company in China.