Carnage in politics

Pete George comments earlier today:

Labour is about to be whacked by a multitude of red stained two by fours. The party gagging row is blowing up, and most of the accusations are pointing south. One party member just posted: “The MP in question also hails from Dunedin. In my view she has simply lost the plot.”

Curran needs to answer gagging accusations.

Or the carnage will just keep escalating.

Pete George is a gentleman…and so he is horrified at “carnage” in politics, I on the?other?hand welcome carnage. I think carnage is only feared and loathed by the squeamish amongst us.

Politics is the best blood sport around, carnage goes part and parcel with blood sports. We aren’t allowed to have gladiatorial sports anymore…and modern sport has become pansy-ified with regulations preventing shoulder charges, head high tackles and dust ups.

That leaves Ice Hockey and politics and the only real sports out there where blood and guts is allowed.

Carnage should be encouraged…fomented…orchestrated…so that we may all enjoy.

If you can’t handle carnage then get out of politics and go play tiddly-winks