Cat Friend v. Dog Friend

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Answers in the comments.


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  • Bunswalla

    Very good. Dogs have owners – cats have staff.

  • John1234

    Should have done the dog friend coming into the house covered in muddy water and shaking it off in front of the tv.

    Or leaving a big steaming mound in the middle of the lawn.

  • Caturday

    I have to ask my cat if she allows me to say I prefer dogs!

  • Travis Poulson

    I love dogs, but without cats the dog would go hungry.

  • Chris Richardson

    With five cats and two dogs, it’s an impossible call to make.

  • rouppe

    Funny. We have neither cat nor dog.

    I will never get a dog.

    1) They’re smelly
    2) They’re noisy
    3) The require constant attention
    4) The require constant input of money
    In short, they’re all the worst aspects of a wife without any of the benefits.

    • I will never get a wife

      1) They’re smelly
      2) They’re noisy
      3) They require constant attention
      4) They require constant input of money

      In short, they’re all the worst aspects of a dog without any of the benefits.

      /mirror /tongueincheek

  • Gazzaw

    Have had both in my lifetime and it’s hard to make the call. Cats are much lower maintenance &have infinitely better social graces. To be blunt cats don’t tend to fart, shit in the park, terrify kids, lick their balls in public or root the vicar’s leg when she calls round.

    • Travis Poulson

      Go down town on a Friday night to Albert Park, shitting dogs won’t seem so bad after that ;)

  • Pokerface

    Just love this!! I don’t care if I never have another cat…. but hope I never have to live without at least one dog :)

  • Lion_ess

    Two cats – both good company and loving (when they feel like it). Rin-tin-tin and Lassie they are not and neither would give two fucks about coming to my assistance should I ever be in any type of need. They don’t fetch and don’t find things, but then again they don’t smell, lick their balls, slobber or mount my leg for sex.

    • Gazzaw

      Snap Lion_ess. See above.

  • Pokerface

    Just watched Campbell Live – SPCA teaching dogs to drive a car. I kid you not. Next week,
    the dogs will drive unaided with a reporter and film crew – live, no editing.

    • Gazzaw

      With Campbell? Fast lane on the motorway?

      • Pokerface

        LOL…No, it looked like Pukekohe race track or some place like it. I think the speed will be somewhat limited. The car has been modified with hand/paw controls

  • Hazards001