Chainsaws Are Cheaper, Ctd

Handsaws are cheaper also.  The situation reported a little while ago appears to have developed:

A handsaw attack on the limb of a pohutukawa tree obstructing a roadside walkway in Piha has ended a long, costly and spirited battle.

A 15cm-deep cut at the base of the limb, believed to have occurred last Thursday night, has made it a safety hazard and left the council with no option but to remove it in the next few days, Auckland Council parks manager Mark Bowater said.

The tree, which hangs over the walkway on Beach Valley Rd, has been described as the most expensive tree branch in Auckland by Deputy Mayor and Waitakere councillor Penny Hulse.

The council and Auckland Transport have spent $12,300 on resource consent fees on the tree in the past 18 months. Last week the Waitakere Ranges Local Board voted to spend $8000 to remove a section of wooden railing and install a speed hump to allow pedestrians to walk around the limb unobstructed.




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  • maninblack

    FFS- this sort of thing is a disgrace..

    How many seedlings could they have planted for 12 odd thousand?
    I am fucking sick of Auckland Council- it’s literally the lunatics running the asylum.

  • Donzai
  • In Vino Veritas

    Maninblack, never a truer word said re the Council. And changing the subject a bit, Len Brown. We were unlucky enough to have to suffer him at the Howick Santa Parade on Saturday. He was given the microphone for a speech, went into the crowd for the photo ops (small kids etc, what school are you at etc), then when the parade organiser called for three cheers “hip hip”………. pretty much silence. “hip hip”………. oops, that’d be silence again. The organiser didn’t bother with the third hip. It was humiliating. When he asked for a big cheer for Jamie Lee-Ross, there was a generous reaction.

    • maninblack

      haha! classic stuff.. did len the loony do his ‘Mr Cool’ hip hop talk that makes everyone cringe?

      • Patrick

        Don’t be silly – out in Howick? He saves that cool “street talk” for the mean streets of Mangere & other parts of South Auckland. It just won’t work in Howick. Wouldn’t be suprised if he turned up in Mangere with his baseball cap on sideways & his arse hanging out of his flash suit pants. He is such a tart for the brown vote.

  • Honcho

    Reading ‘village voice’ it sounds like the residents of Piha are alright and thats its non-resident women from the north shore and pt.chev etc who are stirring things up and causing this massive waste of rate payer funding.
    I would hate to think how many pohutakawa saplings $8k could have bought!!!
    Its also good to see in the end someone has done the right thing and just cut the bloody thing.

  • 4077th


  • cows4me

    $12,000 on resource consents, yep the lunatics are running the asylum for sure. And yet WO supports the horizon council who would require farmers to apply for a resource consent every time they rotate a crop, with similar costs ensuring. The RMA doesn’t seem to be working to well for the Auckland ratepayers WO, in fact i would go so far as to say it’s a fucking con of the highest order.

  • Donzai

    Going, Going, Gone & the whole aspect and look is better!!!

  • Hazards001

    This pissed me off the first time I heard of it months ago. I’ve been battling Auckland Transport and Council aborists for years as part of my occupation (not over this). They cost a fortune to business in this city. Some right thinking indivdual has taken the law into his(or hers) own hands and saved us 8k. Pity it wasn’t done before the initial 12k was blown on these $%^&*^&&*#$ consultants. It’s a BRANCH…a bloody branch FFS not even the whole damn tree! Goddamn tree hugging busy body lunitics that don’t even come from the area. I wonder how they’d feel if some kid got clobbered in the dark riding his pushbike and killed by the poxy branch?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Next the fuckwits will be microchipping chainsaws to monitor how many trees have been cut down. The GREENS are stuffing this country big time

  • Lion_ess

    $12,300 of ratepayers money to talk about a bloody tree. The sooner Local Government is reformed to deliver essential services the better, and departments that feel the need to have a personal “relationship” with every tree in Auckland are shown the same door as all of those other social-engineering, money-wasting busy-bodies.