Chainsaws Are Cheaper

After wasting more than $12,300 on “preparations” the Auckland Council has made the decision not to cut down a Pohutukawa obstructing a footpath at Piha after “tree enthusiasts” fought to have the tree saved from removal after a complaint was made by a resident that the overhanging tree was a danger to pedestrians.

“Spokesperson for the group, Peter Hosking, says they set up a Facebook group for the tree and it attracted 140 likes.”

People of the Auckland west coast beach fought with the Waitakere Ranges Local Board to keep the native tree and say they are happy their voices have been heard.

He says Auckland Transport just didn’t seem to understand they live in a coastal village, not in Queen Street.

This particular tree is part of a remnant coastal pohutukawa forest which is rare on the West Coast and it’s a distinctive feature when people arrive at Piha Beach.”

A picture of a greyhound laying a coil on the lawn could achieve 140 likes.

20 seconds with the Stihl and an ecosourced seedling: problem solved. $12,300 + of ratepayers money saved.


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  • An update to this story is posted here

  • blazer

    wheres Mike Smith when you need him?

  • Donzai
  • toby_toby

    The great thing about trees is that it is very easy to grow another one. Also, they are very easy to come by. Trees are not people and so we shouldn’t be afraid to chop them up.

  • cows4me

    So are the council now libel for any injuries a low hanging branch might cause? They have publicly stated they will do nothing so surely if a claim is made to ACC they can go the council for costs? I’m sure if the labour department points out a hazard on the my farm, which they are trying to do to all farmers, and someone gets hurt my arse is grass.

  • tarkwin

    Pohutukawas are a pain in the proverbial. Their roots are tearing out the cliff in front of my place. I’m slowly killing the young ones with Roundup – you need to hit them real hard. Up here is a bit like the Denniston plateau, if you try to do anything all the greenies are up in arms. But none of them ever come up here and they all seem to have good jobs saving us from ourselves! It’s bloody near impossible to kill a mangrove up here without starting a riot.