Chart of the Day

New Zealand is the only country going backwards in terms of its native populations tertiary education.

MIGRANTS to rich countries have generally spent longer in education than their native-born peers, according to a new report by the OECD. Since 2000 the proportion of recent migrants to OECD countries who have graduated from university has risen five percentage points to 31%; among the native-born population the proportion has risen four percentage points to 29%. Over 50% of immigrants to Canada and 47% of those to Britain have completed tertiary education, the highest levels among rich countries. By contrast, only 11% of immigrants to Italy and 13% to Greece have a degree. Countries that have succeeded in attracting a higher number of university-educated immigrants have generally implemented immigration policies that actively encourage skilled labour. Australia has streamlined its student-visa assessments and included post-study work rights for graduates to keep hold of the talent it nurtures. Canada and Denmark have also been particularly good in this respect. These lands of opportunity have fared far better than those with less attractive labour markets. Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Greece have seen a sharp decline in the number of well-educated migrants heading their way.



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  • rouppe

    Define ‘native born’.

    Is this intended to include ‘indigenous’ people only, which in NZ of course excludes everyone except those with a 1/1000 sliver of Maori in them, or does it include children of immigrants (which strictly speaking should include Maori also but that’s another argument) who were born in NZ

    • Born in NZ rather than a recent immigrant

  • Might this reflect we just about handed worthless tertiary qualifications out to Maori under some sort of “positive discrimination deal” in the past, and now that they actually have to complete the courses and pass?

    • Gazzaw

      ……..and get a job with those worthless qualifications. I dare say that only NZ government depts and the likes of Auckland City see any value in a Master of Applied Indigenous Knowledge degree from Te Wananga Aotearoa.

  • Liberty

    It’s the tail end of Aunty Helen’s Arts and farts students .

    Things will improve now that the varsities are going to train engineers.

    The days of academics spending the day watching the clouds pass over

    are hopefully over.

  • Mostly_Harmless

    That may not be a bad thing – too many people have been getting useless degrees when they should be getting work experience. Consequently, lots of unemployed graduates.

  • Dion

    It’d be interesting to see the reduction broken down by the type of degree – if it’s made up of BAs in politics and social policy I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

    We don’t need any more clones of Darren / Gareth Hughes.