Chart of the Day

There is a great deal of talk about America being “awash with guns” but is this true?

Well no it’s not:

7. Gun ownership in the United States is declining overall.

?For all the attention given to America?s culture of guns,?ownership of firearms is at or near all-time lows,??writes?political scientist Patrick Egan. The decline is most evident on the General Social Survey, though it also shows up on polling from Gallup, as you can see on this graph:

The bottom line, Egan writes, is that ?long-term trends suggest that we are in fact currently experiencing a waning culture of guns and violence in the United States. ?

Now you have the interesting case of the incidences of gun crime rising as gun ownership falls…riddle that one out. It’s like the reverse of climate change. Temperatures rise because of CO2 so we need to reduce Co2…or so the liberals will tell us.

In this case gun ownership is declining and mass killings are increasing…could the solution be the same as for global wamring…increasing gun ownership will reduce mass killings.

They will argue the exact opposite…and yet the?empirical, scientific?evidence is there before you…gun ownership is dropping…you could say the science is settled.