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This is why nothing will happenin the US about gun control…besides the point that it is impossible anyway:

Gun Control popularity

At the Huffington Post, Mark Blumenthal looks at what the polling says about gun control:

First, while support for stricter gun laws?has declined in the polls across several measures, Americans remain roughly evenly divided on the issue. The Pew Research Center found about equal numbers of Americans preferring to protect “the right to own guns” (46 percent) and to “control gun ownership” (47 percent). A modest increase in the second category would be enough to create majority support for stricter gun laws.

Second, there is broader support among Americans for incremental changes to gun laws. Polls by?CNN?and?YouGov?earlier this year found overwhelming support for several specific gun control policies: background checks, bans on gun sales to those with mental health problems, waiting periods before gun purchases and a national registry of gun ownership.