Christmas Cruise with 2500 bikers, belly-flop contests and hot tub sex

Sounds like a cruise to end all cruises…2500 bikers have wrecked up a cruise in the Caribbean but getting pissed, lairing it up, conducting belly flop contests and rooting in all the ship spa pools.


A cruise around the Caribbean aboard one of the world?s largest passenger ships carries connotations of glamour, elegance and sophistication.

Unfortunately for Gail Empson and her family, the 2,500-strong gang of raucous, heavy-drinking, leather-clad bikers and their partners who were sharing their voyage had rather different ideas.

From the moment the bikers stepped on board the Freedom of the Seas ship, which carries 3,600 passengers, the trip to celebrate Mrs Empson?s 50th birthday was a disaster.

The gang, who were on their annual ?High Seas Rally?, could not have been much further removed from the usual cruise?s sedate complement of families and retired couples.

They monopolised the swimming pool areas on board, holding rowdy competitions such as ?belly smacker? diving and a contest in which women judged topless men?s bodies by rubbing baby oil on them while blindfolded.

One passenger complained of bikers wearing sexually explicit T-shirts, fighting, and even having sex in hot tubs, despite there being youngsters on board.

Even on shore stops there was no escape. A visit to the beach in Haiti was spoiled when hundreds of the bikers turned up.

?They were very loud and sitting so close they could have held my hand,? said Mrs Empson. ?I went back to the ship because I couldn?t stand it.?

On another stop the ship was over two hours late leaving port because hundreds of the bikers failed to return on time.

Gail Empson looks and sounds like a real Aunty Mingy…her money is better than 2500 bikers? I bet she spent almost nothing on entertainment whereas it looks like the bikers spent ALL of their money on booze and frivolity.