Coddington on Bain

Deborah Coddington has managed to blag a column from HoS for the summer, and she has a ripper yesterday talking about David Bain.

In 1995, David Bain was convicted of killing all five members of his family and jailed for 13 years.

There were several appeals before success at the Privy Council, a retrial and acquittal. Former All Black Joe Karam, loudly assisted by Sir Robert Jones in hisHerald?column, still campaigns for taxpayer compensation.

No former prisoner could ask for better publicity than Bain enjoys, who now says but for the inconvenience of his family being wiped out, he could have been a renowned opera singer.

You can hear the sarcasm dripping from those comments. She also give the fat German tourist a serve:

It’s much easier taking up cudgels on behalf of the convicted – or even someone alleged to have committed a crime. For example Kim Dotcom, convicted of computer fraud, embezzlement and insider trading in Germany, is now fighting extradition to the US to avoid criminal charges of copyright infringement. But here, media treat him like a rock star.