Cops should be armed, the crims are

I see the crim hugging liberal sooks are moaning about the proposal to arm police:

Claims policing is becoming more dangerous are a bid to create unjustified public fear a lobby group says.

The rate of assault per sworn police officer had barely changed over the past decade, Rethinking Crime and Punishment director Kim Workman said today.

The Police Association has?called again for police to be armed?after four attacks on officers over Christmas.

Police Association vice-president Luke Shadbolt said the incidents had emphasised the increasing danger faced by staff.

“Increasingly, members are calling for general arming. And we know, amongst the staff … more and more are leaning toward general arming as well,” Shadbolt said.

I can’t see any reason why our police can’t be armed…the criminals are.

For that matter I can’t see any reason why suitably trained and?licensed?citizens can’t be armed either…the criminals are.

There was a time in NZ history when people were able to easily carry firearms, you will note too that in those times there was less crime.