David Cullen Bain should get nothing, the Herald survey is wrong

David Fisher has taken a break from repeating Kim Dotcon’s words verbatim or from regurgitating Ian Wishart’s latest conspiracy theory to write (did he really write it) about a survey/poll that shows that most Kiwis, apparently, support giving David Cullen Bain some taxpayer cash.

Well not me, not ever.

All that poll/survey shows is how susceptible people are to long term persistent pr campaigns like that run by Joe Karam.

You know the survey/poll is totally suspect by the constant qualifications in Fishers article.

A?Herald-DigiPoll summer survey found 74 per cent of those polled believe Mr Bain should be compensated if the judge who reviewed the case recommended that. (The survey was started on December 7, before Justice Ian Binnie’s recommendation of compensation became public.)


The poll of 500 people was done amid fallout from the review by Justice Binnie.

But what is it? A poll or a survey? The two are quite different. Clearly Fisher doesn’t know the difference. He is more intent on printing Charles Chauvel’s nasty little smears:

Labour justice spokesman Charles Chauvel said the “ad hoc” process had become “rotten”. He said Justice Binnie’s report was “perfectly adequate” and did not deserve “bile” from an “Auckland tax lawyer” like Ms Collins.

Right so someone who?she worked as a?lawyer, specialising in employment, property, commercial, tax law and active in legal associations, and was President of the?Auckland District Law Society?and Vice-President of the?New Zealand Law Society is an “Auckland tax lawyer”.

Using that logic I guess one could say Chauvel is a former editor of a little read legal bulletin and former lickspittle and lunch boy to proper lawyers engaged on important matters of law.