Delingpole on the Green Taliban

James Delingpole gets right up the Green Taliban in the Telegraph:

[W]hat Greenpeace and WWF and the rest of the Green Taliban are up to, and more often than not get away with, is more frightening still. After all, we half expect our government to lie to us and at least we have a process whereby we can boot them out of office. With the New World Order eco-fascists of the Green Taliban there is no such corrective. There they are every day, pumping out junk science and Mickey Mouse economics reports which then get written up – virtually straight off the press release – by unquestioning, starry-eyed environment correspondents and served up to a gullible public which believes it must be true because otherwise it wouldn’t be on Radio 4 would it? Not only that, but all too frequently they’re invited to participate in high-level government discussions on environmental policy, as if somehow, they were disinterested ecological experts rather than hardcore green activists.

You may have noticed that WWF are trying to persuade you to buy cuddly toys from them in order to save the tiger this Christmas. If those toys were shaped like wind turbines it would be nearer the truth.



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  • Gazzaw

    Wow WWF cuddly toys.

    Made in China or Bangadesh? Sweat shops? Synthetic fibres extracted from coal/oil?

    • Alloytoo

      My thoughts exactly

  • Scanner

    The Green motto – ” If you can’t blind em with brilliance, baffle em with bullshit”

  • Macca

    Still holding my breath waiting for someone in our own media to start questioning the Greens policies – in particular, the 100,000 odd green jobs that were promised pre-election last year by Wussell and who Armstrong referred to as ‘responsible economic policy’!
    Can anyone please enlighten me on what these jobs are? The only thing I can think of is building wind turbines out of mud, grass and sticks, held together with batshit – of which the Greens can call upon an unlimited supply!

  • In Vino Veritas

    A wonderful article by Dallingpole, sticking it to the Green loonies who have positioned themselves in a similar way to many of the people who post at the standard – “because we say it is so, then it is, and must be so”.

  • tarkwin

    The scary part is, that’s exactly what is happening here. Just look at Norman bleating about the Reserve Bank. Why publish that? He is clearly miles out of his depth but the believers and the gullible will take his utterances as indisputable fact.

  • ConwayCaptain

    UK is to start fracking in NW England and will build 30 x Gas Fired power stations

  • cows4me

    Sadly most of these green supporters are well off townies who sit in their caffs throwing back coffees, tut tutting after reading mindless bullshit in the local paper on how the NZ and the world is being screwed by people like myself. They decide that the world needs saving and the Melon idiots are the great pretenders who will step up. So they leave their caffs in their big SUV’s and head off to the supermarket to pick up the milk, meat and every other food produced by the very people they so despise. 95% of green supporters are A1 hypocrites, they need to starve and be forced to walk for awhile.

    • grumpy

      On fire there cows4me

    • maninblack

      couldnt have said it myself!!