Dotcon Media Moment

“It is verry important zu have a firm grip on media matters.

Kim Dotcon — supplied


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  • You need to stop your attempted ridicule of this person. While it is unfortunate that his position has been politicised, it does not matter that he is fat, or German or rich or any of those things.

    He is an individual who has been wronged by an over-zealous and heavy handed state that trod all over individual rights to do the bidding of Obama’s FBI.

    You Whale, if you were ever a true right winger, should be supporting the right of an individual to defend against a too powerful and legally reckless government.

    If no action is taken to restrain these out of control government agencies, what happened to Dotcom could happen to any one of us next time.

    • He is a fat german crook, and he politicised it from the get go, he can get fucked

    • If Dotcom was quietly working on his legal troubles, you’d have a good point.

      Instead, he’s somehow inserting himself into the media on a regular basis in a way that has nothing to do with his legal predicaments.

      If you look closely enough, it is the Media Lust being satirised. This is more about the breathless reporting of his every move, thought and action by the NZ media than it is about the man himself. And it is nothing to do with his arrest or alleged copyright infringement troubles.

      The fact he’s a big boy just adds to the blog’s ability to caricatureise that situation.

      Santa’s a jolly big fat man too, and he’s also got quite the following. But he has the decency to keep his media slutting to one month a year.

      • CommonSense404

        Spot on as always – plenty concise enough!

      • unitedtribes

        I think hes setting himself up to take over ACT

    • niggly

      Out of control govt agencies my fucken arse.

      The law surrounding the GSCB not spying on NZers was a result of flawed Labour Govt legislation. If one reads Hansard from about 10 years ago there was concern from National MP’s as to why that provision was in the then GCSB Bill, especially as NZers could be caught up with international terrorist and criminal groups, but thanks to the Act these NZ’ers would be legally immune. WTF? Perhaps some paranoid liberal panty waste soft cocks from Labour and Greens put the provision in (hello Keith Locke and his other treasonous band of anti-Western followers)?

      For a country the size of NZ (with a limited economy) it makes perfect sense for the GCSB (supplying the technical links) to be working in with Police and SIS collaboratively. After all would one want to double the SIS budget to replicate the GCSB’s technical abilities and skillset? Why on earth have two competing agencies?

      National needs to ammend the GCSB Act (and whilst I wouldn’t support Labour Party like retrospective law changes) and amend that particular provision for future occurances.

      One would notice the critics (media, civil liberty drips, KDC) draw their greatest strength in the public eye over the whole KDC affair simply because of this one little fuck up in the Labour enacted legislation.

      After all good kiwi citizens have nothing to fear …. unless they are hard-left wing or hard-right wing (Timothy McVeigh type) 5th columnists and anti-Govt conspirators!

    • niggly

      My post disappeared so will try again. Out of Control Govt Agencies my fucken arse.

      Go and read Hansard online from about 10 years ago and the then National Opposition was questioning why the then GCSB Bill had that provision not to spy on NZers, because it made absolutely no sense if NZers were caught up with international terror or criminal groups that they cannot be spied on.

      National now, need to amend the Act.

      The GCSB merely supplied technical assistance eg links to other agencies (Police, SIS presumably, US authorities). What do you propose, doubling the SIS budget so the SIS who can legally spy on NZers and build their own Waihopia satelite dish and recruit their own technicans? What the fuck for? We cannot afford that luxury.

      And fuck you when you say it can happen to any one of us, only paranoid hard-left and hard-right anti-govt conspirators and 5th columnists need to be afraid. 99.999999999999% of the population will just get on with life fine. How’s it going hanging out with Keith Locke – holding hands yet?

      • “And fuck you when you say it can happen to any one of us, only paranoid
        hard-left and hard-right anti-govt conspirators and 5th columnists need
        to be afraid. 99.999999999999% of the population will just get on with
        life fine.”

        Yeah sure you brainless ignorant of history fucking idiot.

        “If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear”.

        The precursor for government sanctioned death and destruction that resulted in 100 million citizens murdered at the hands of left wing tyrants last century.

        • niggly

          I think you’d be suprised RB at how many issues I actually am in agreement with you, such as the pervasive intrusion of hard-leftist ideologies in various institutions. I also agree that when this happens, brainwashing as you call it, of younger minds can result (and I have seen this to varying degrees).

          Therefore I am suprised that you don’t recognise the connection between these same forces and the public discourse attacking NZ’s intelligence agencies and your taking part.

          The fact is, what you are paranoid about will not happen, not unless there was a bloody revolution and kiwis ended up massacring thousands of other kiwis.

          The fact is, the NZ intelligence agencies are part of the western club – UK, Aust, Canada & US). Always have been always will be and if anything, has been much strengthened as a result of WW2. These clubs are anti-communist (despite the odd traitor etc).

          Hence why we see the Keith Lockes and other so called Peace Researchers hammering away at NZ’s connections with these other players. Suprised then that you are in effect holding hands with Keith Locke and singing Kumbia with him, Or maybe you are not, perhaps you idolise the likes of Timothy McViegh and if so no wonder why you are paranoid about NZ’s spy agencies and your place in the world? Which is it?

          As for Dotcom winning – aligning yourself with a fantastist and fraudster – WTF??

      • Contractor

        I think your missing the point brains. The law applies to everyone. The fat German can rot in a cell like all the other scumbags who – wait for it – break the law. Unfortunately some other folk look like they -broke the law- also. If I break the law whilst performing my duties at work I will be prosecuted like anyone else. The ends unfortunately don’t justify the means if somewhere along the way I broke the law.yep, the law is an ass at times, sure beats the alternative though. Is that what you’d prefer – a country where the individual can pick and choose which laws they will abide by and which they will forgo thanks. I think it’s called anarchic. I generally don’t break the law so I fall into your 99.99999%,unfortunately by your reasoning those from the agencies concerned who did break the law don’t. So should they be held just as accountable as anyone else who doesn’t? Or is it just fat immigrants who need to? Remember when you were a kid and mum used to say we have rules for a reason…..

        • filthy sausage

          “a country where the individual can pick and choose which laws they will abide by and which they will forgo”

          funny, that is how the police and GCSB have been behaving!

        • niggly

          Fail again (see above)!

  • Phar Lap

    He is a convicted felon ,got into NZ under false pretences.Should be deported back to Deuchland.


    Whaleoil, Love the Blog, not so sure of the language of late, kindly raise the bar, good sir

  • blazer

    have to agree with RB…Dots only crime is to make the Govt look stupid.(they dont really need his help to do that).

  • Contractor

    fuck. Shall I try and explain this with pictures? The law may well be flawed and put in place by a panty waisted labour govt….it – is – still – the – fucking – law. There’s in all likelihood a shitload of wrong laws out there, what we do in a democracy is vote and by accepting to live in Nz we accept that those who win that vote make our laws. And we will abide by them or face the consequences. The law isn’t the issue here. It’s the fact it was broken.i don’t care by whom, if you break the law you face the consequences,whether your a fat German, my next door neighbor, or the local copper. Sorry just cause “you” don’t agree with a law doesn’t make it void just to you and anyone else who also doesn’t like it. Kind of defeats the purpose.

    • niggly

      Fail! I said the law was flawed and to change it. I did not say the law was void and it should be ignored because I don’t like it!

      The law stands and therefore the Govt/agencies will be under pressure, rightly so, to explain why they flouted the law (which I see is about to happen according to today’s news reports). The only one to blame here apart from the agencies, are the Govt itself for not amending the law when they turfed out Labour. I suspect the likes of Margaret Wilson, herr Klark, and Keithe Locke are laughing their arses off at what has happened!

      • Contractor

        If a government agency decides to ignore a law because it thinks it shouldn’t apply to them only everyone else, then perhaps that is a sign of an agency tending towards “out of control”. That is your comment I was referring to brains.

  • starboard

    ..Is that his lunch he’s got in his right hand ?