Drama Teacher – Drama Queen

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Glorified Auckland University employed drama teacher Peter O?Connor has an absolutely unsupported rant and gets it published by the NZ Herald. Once again an ?educator? lowers the bar for himself (and the Herald doesn?t set a bar) by producing a piece that no teacher worth a dime would accept.

From his bio:

Associate Professor O?Connor is an internationally recognised expert in applied theatre. His research has focused primarily on using applied theatre as a public education medium to address major social issues including public health, gender equity in schools and the development of inclusive, empathetic and critical school cultures.

Here are examples of his nonsense:

?2013 will see a continuation and escalation of an ideological war over the heart and soul of schooling in this country.?

The truth ? parents just want their kids to get a good education and New Zealanders are realizing that O?Connor and the other Leftist control freaks don?t want to lose their patch.

?This year’s all-out attack on public education by the Government?

The truth ? in general the government just wants kids to learn well and their crime (for the likes of O?Connor) is to aim at helping the kids in the failure cycle ? i.e. those that give Labour the opportunity for power and keep the Left going with their causes.

?Teacher groups and principals who have fought to defend the progressive ideology that created a world-class education system?

The truth ? an education system that systematically sees certain groups fail (e.g. Maori being 20% behind non-Maori at Level 2 NCEA) and that recent studies show to be in relative decline is not world-class.

Why are people like O?Connor satisfied with the level of failure? Why is it in his interests to keep Maori, Pacific Islanders and those in lower SES situations failing?

?It will be the beginning of industrial turmoil in schools at a level the country has never seen before.?

The truth ? O?Connor ? the drama queen ? clearly happy to see unions looking to screw up the learning of another generation through industrial action.

?I have travelled and spoken frequently to teacher groups throughout the country over recent months.?

The truth ? taxpayer funded insurrection. Is this what people want their taxes spent on? Then again ? it is other people?s money so he has the right to spend it this way.

?In more than 30 years in the sector I have never seen teachers so angry, so frustrated, so suspicious and so despairing of the Ministry of Education, its minister and its secretary.?

The truth ? time to get a job out of the trough and get out more. Those that are angry and frustrated need to go and flip burgers or actually realize that teaching kids is a privilege and being taxpayer funded to do so under elected representatives is called a democracy.

?The neo liberal assault on public education comes in many guises.?

The truth ? as above ? the government actually wants kids to learn and is willing to look for models that suit the kids that the one size fits all union controlled system (with its angry and frustrated teachers) doesn?t.

?Good teachers do create miracles in their classrooms on a daily basis?

The truth ? I know some good teachers but none of them have claimed to be God.

?but hungry, cold and sick children from deeply impoverished and despairing communities do not make ready learners.?

The truth ? he clearly knows parents aren?t responsible for feeding their children ? this is all the government?s fault.

?National standards have slowly strangled what was considered a world-class curriculum.?

The truth ? parents, on the whole, support National Standards and it is their children they pay taxes to have educated. O?Connor knows better though and they should listen to him.

?Science, the arts, physical education and social studies have all been casualties of the relentless and tiresome pursuit of meaningless literacy and numeracy goals.?

The truth ? O?Connor is an amazing semi-intellectual hypocrite. The unions have banged on about New Zealand?s education system being ?world class? based on Maths and Literacy. Now goals in that area are ?meaningless? ? I mean ? why would you want every child in NZ to do Maths well and read and write? Could it be that they would then be able to see through the fatuous arguments of people like O?Connor.

?Everything else is rapidly disappearing from our schools.?

The truth ? this crap statement is almost not worth commenting on?. ?everything else is rapidly disappearing? ? Mr O?Connor is revealing here that his real concern is his own pocket and his in school drama consulting team (are they registered teachers?).?But I would have thought it wrong for someone who is against Charter Schools to profit from education?

?The richness of the legacy of Clarence Beeby and Peter Fraser in creating an education system based on the ideals of equity, creativity and democratic citizenship is replaced by the sterility of market imperatives of preparing compliant workers.?

The truth ? here he simply has no idea. The world has moved and O?Connor has stood still. The system he advocates supplies the dole queue and the lower paid jobs. He advocates an education system designed for the industrial revolution that now keeps certain groups poor and in a failure cycle.

?Charter schools, the costly and far right experiment to be conducted in secrecy next year, is the trojan horse designed to open up the sector for further deregulation and privatisation.?

The truth ? Charter schools are fiscally neutral (and he knows it ? i.e. lying through his dramatic teeth) and advocated in many places by people on the left of the spectrum ? e.g. the Obama government. But O?Connor and his ilk will say anything to protect their patch here in New Zealand where people might not really think it through if they others shout loud enough.

?This will be amid a continuing tirade about the failure of teachers, and the failure of communities made up largely of Maori and Pasifika and poor people in general.?

The truth ? O?Connor simply advocates we hide those realities ? after all we are ?world class?.

?In the coming educational wars parents will need to rest over the holidays and then decide who they trust and whose side they are on.?

The truth ? ?educational wars? ? what a waste of two words. How idiotic. And good parents won?t take a rest during the holidays ? they will be out and about with their kids as much as they can because most of them love their kids but they will also be working (when Mr O?Connor is on holiday) to earn the tax to keep drama queens employed in places like Auckland University. O?Connor won?t take a full rest though ? he will continue to look for opportunities for self-aggrandisement opportunities at the expense of NZ kids and families.