Eating the entire Denny’s “Hobbit” menu in 20 minutes

I reckon I could give this a right good smashing…the entire Denny’s Hobbit menu in under 20 minutes:

Mashable explains:

While the rest of us are trying to shed the pounds from our holiday feasts, Jamie McDonald had a feast of his own.

The professional eater downs the entire 11-piece?Hobbit?menu at Denny’s?in less than 20 minutes.

Comprised of dishes such as Frodo’s Pot Roast, The Ring Burger and Bilbo’s Berry Smoothie, the egregious 8610-calorie menu is a truck load of gluttony. All plates total: 9.75 pounds.

McDonald’s finishes every plate in 19 minutes and 25 seconds, though he started the timer a little late. We bet he won’t be hankering for second breakfast anytime soon.