Fag Pimp Brand interviews Westboro Baptist


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  • Vlad

    The Westboro Baptists are notorious dingbats. Only Russell Brand, who is obviously not funny or intelligent, could make them look good. How did he get to be famous?

    • Travis Poulson

      There’s a market out there for thick and not funny, Letterman has thrived on it for years.

      • Brand is a lot sharper than you two give him credit for. A lot of people can’t see past the accent and flamboyance.

        • Vlad

          Well, he doesn’t know what indefatigable means for a start & he didn’t make a single witty put down in the whole interview, despite having them gifted on a plate by notorious loons who have been shredded by every interviewer in the world. Dull-witted plonker who could only thrive in the diminished intelligence environment of the UK & internet. Letterman is miles ahead of him.

          • Well, I like having people like Russell Brand around the place. They brighten life up a bit. Much better than Russell Norman, who just makes you want to swallow your own tongue.

          • Muffin

            I’m with u petal, he’s fun and harmless

          • Travis Poulson

            Miles ahead? more like inches. Without his musician mate laughing at everything he said and an audience that claps on queue he’d be nothing.

        • Travis Poulson

          I only made reference to Letterman:) Never taken much notice of Brand, or watched his shows. I don’t think he did too badly in that, but I’d rather see someone a bit smarter sit there quietly and take apart the two idiots piece by piece as opposed to jumping about like a chimp and making popular statements that will make his fans clap.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Can’t comment…..I refuse to watch Brand. The only thing about him that ever made me pay attention was Katy Perry.

  • Mediaan

    Not keen on the churchman’s T-shirt because it is disciminatory. PriestsRapeBoys.com, it says. Priests rape girls too.