First World Problems, Ctd

God some people whinge about the most amazing things…and the media even puts it on television as news.

The Maine Mall will have a new Santa, after a parent complained that he was rude and prevented her daughter from sitting on his lap.

The mother of 6-year-old Chantel Mailhiot says the Santa Claus at the Maine Mall says Santa wouldn’t let Chantel sit on his lap after she decided not to buy a photo package, worth $20.

Chantel also says when she asked Santa for an “American Girl doll”, he replied “American football”.

The story received hundreds of comments when it was posted on Facebook, with others sharing similar experiences in other places.

News 13 reached out to the Santa at the Maine Mall, but he chose not to comment. The Maine Mall hopes to have a new Santa in place on Thursday.

Looking for a replacement huh? Qualifications…jolly fat man with a funny accent who isn’t real and a complete fraud? I know just the person.