Franks on Killeen, Ctd

The Anita Killeen case goes from bad to worse, and one can’t go past the erudite conclusions of Stephen Franks:

Behind the NBR paywall?is a depressing report that the judge (Mary-Beth Sharpe) had tried to reserve rights to censor Radio New Zealand coverage of the trial.

The?Herald has taken the story up, and we are reminded that earlier proceedings were made secret.

The overall?impression from?what ?is public, is of prosecution and defence?as a privileged profession colluding with its even more privileged members in the judiciary to?shield favoured members in ways that they would not for ordinary people.

Good judges?often do, and should, ?approach lawyer defendants rigorously. We should know better, but more importantly on the Casear’s wife principle, lawyers should accept that the courts will?err if necessary? to emphasise that there is?no favouritism.

My?initial post focussed?wrongly on the gender and class issues. This is now a? more serious case which appears to present favouritism from the prosecution, indifference to the victims, and the misuse of the power the Court should?never have been given, ?to keep it all secret for as long as possible.