Fridge Bomb

A large explosion at Gate Pa near Tauranga has been “solved”

Firefighters and police were called to an explosion at a house in Scott St, Gate Pa in the early hours of October 3.

The force of the explosion smashed all 10 windows in the two-bedroom flat, ripped the frame off the sliding door in the lounge and tore off window joinery frames. It also caused the ceiling to flex and crack in the kitchen and dining room.

The two occupants of the house were asleep at the time and were unharmed.

That’s code for “they were comatose but were bloody lucky”

[L]engthy questioning by police led the men to admit they had been mixing butane with alcohol, removing the evidence before emergency services arrived.

… Mr McKeagg said it was unclear if a leaking butane canister had been left in the fridge or if it had vapourised off the alcohol during the night. The butane vapour would have eventually reached its explosive limit and been ignited when the thermostat kicked in and started the motor

So we know about the What, but that doesn’t solve the Why.

Mixing butane and alcohol. ?Would?this?be what they were doing?