Give Bain Nothing, Ctd

Everyone commenting on the Bain compensation issue are missing some very vital analysis.

That is the political analysis.

Leighton Smith is banging on and on this morning about the process and interviewing various legal luminaries as well as Bain’s lawyer Michael Reed QC.

Then there are those talking costs. But the issue is more than costs.

But everyone forgets the political angle.

When you look at this issue there is no upside for Judith Collins to review this. She could have paid out some money based off Binni’es wonky report and it would have all gone away.

So why would Judith Collins go down this path and the ensuing public scrutiny in rereviewing Binnie’s report?

There is no political upside. Therefore the only remaining thing that can possibly be considered is that Judith Collins is acting the way she is because it is the right thing to do.

Not only right, but proper.

In any case all the debate may well become moot this afternoon when Judith Collins releases the reports.