Give him a medal not a fine

A guy who smacked out a dirty pedo has been fined…he should have been given a medal:

The man who took it upon himself to dish out street justice to convicted paedophile Trevor Hall says he would do it again if given the chance.

Unrepentant Danny Te Amo Walker, 46, who whacked Hall outside Tauranga District Court on December 4 – the day Hall was due to be sentenced on four charges of indecent assault on a child – pleaded guilty to a charge of assault in the same court yesterday.

He was fined $175 and court costs of $132.89.

Outside court last night, Walker told the Bay of Plenty Times he wasn’t proud of his actions.

“Some people have been patting me on the back and calling me a hero but I don’t want a pat on the back, as what I did was a spur of the moment thing which I’m not proud of.

“But if you ask me would I do it again, if I had the chance, I’d say ‘hell yeah, he deserved it’.