Govt vs Household for NZ

Earlier I posted a meme regarding bringing government accounts down to the level of the household budget so people can understand.

A reader has emailed:

All sourced from the Treasury Website.

I couldn?t get a true estimate of what the Government?s net assets were ? the SOEs are valued at $29 Billion (Down $3 billion due to rail in the last 12 months) and there is $50 billion in assets held by Crown Entities (Think this will be mostly Hospitals, Schools and State Houses) and $29 Billion owned by Core Crown. While some of this would be prime commercial property in various cities, most would be impossible to sell like Highways, National Parks and historical locations, Parliament and Waitangi. While nowhere as dire as the US, we?re probably close to debt being 100% of government assets.

Either way, it?s not looking bright for the next few years until we are back in surplus and from there only disciplined governments will keep us afloat.

So, here is the New Zealand version:

Government Household
Tax Revenues ?$65,383,988,000
Non-Tax Revenues ?$7,070,077,000
Capital Receipts ?$1,828,959,000
Total Income: ?$74,283,024,000 Net Income $74,283
Expenditure ?$81,664,760,000 Net Expenditure $81,665
Increase (Decrease on FY2012) ?$2,165,626,000
Net Deficit: -$7,381,736,000 Added to Credit Card $7,382
Total Gross Crown Debt: ?$79,635,000,000 Total Credit card debt $79,635
Total Net Crown Debt: ?$50,671,000,000 Debt less cash assets $50,671