Great advice

E.J. Dionne at RealClearPolitics has some great advice for politicians in the aftermath of election defeat:

Still, elections are two-by-fours, and many conservatives seem to realize the need to understand what just hit them.

Labour has been whacked twice, pretty hard with two-by-fours and still not learning.


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  • Pete George

    Labour is about to be whacked by a multitude of red stained two by fours. The party gagging row is blowing up, and most of the accusations are pointing south. One party member just posted: “The MP in question also hails from Dunedin. In my view she has simply lost the plot.”

    Curran needs to answer gagging accusations.

    Or the carnage will just keep escalating.

    • Carnage in politics needs to be encouraged

      • Mediaan

        Not for me. Would prefer less carnage and more serious work. Multi-trillion dollar business to be run.

    • Mediaan

      Your link was an interesting read, thanks. Can’t Curran et al understand that the reason WOBF is so strong is that WO accepts robust comment in all matters?

      • Pete George

        No, she can’t understand it. And neither can The Standard management, they banned me for making suggestions, that’s how entrenched they are in their approach.

      • Mostly_Harmless

        The trouble is, their ideology is so irrational that it can be defended only by censorship.

  • Allyson

    That what I thought when Goff the Gopher stuck his head above ground this week. Geez last time he tried that he got smacked down hard . . . . real hard.

  • cows4me

    “The commenter called whodunnit has been banned for very offensive comments towards me and for refusing to reveal his identity to me and for it being revealed that he routes his email through another country in order to be anonymous.”

    And people like this woman seek to rule over us. Perhaps there is a good reason here why many post under an anonymous name. People of the attitude like Curran’s have been the cause of grief and heartbreak over the century’s. Obviously there is nothing wrong with many of our lefty friends egos , censorship is the height of vanity.

  • Gazzaw

    And Curran is labour spokesman for Communications, IT & Broadcasting? A terrifying prospect should labour gain the government benches.