Green Education: Hypocrisy and Mediocrity

Catherine Delahunty is the last person the New Zealand public should let anywhere near a ministerial portfolio and most certainly not the education one she has her power hungry eyes on. She could not complete her education herself and her profile admits it:

“University life would not keep Catherine?s attention and she left Victoria half way through her BA.”

Desperate to be able to push the Green agenda to as many vulnerable children as possible through the union controlled state system she uses Green?hypocrisy to use comments from a Treasury discussion document that expressed concerns in some areas – to try and get the whole proposal thrown out. And given her own education situation her level of hypocrisy is astounding:

“The Green Party agrees with Treasury and the Ministry of Education that New Zealand kids need registered teachers, not unqualified adults pushing private agendas?

Last time Treasury mentioned something – a slight increase in class sizes to facilitate improving teaching qualifications she was as apoplectic as if they had suggested clubbing seals. Now she supports them – in between flying around the country, burning carbon, protesting EVERYTHING.

She is another one very happy to spend other peoples money on the most expensive education system in the OECD, supporting mediocrity and quite happy to see nothing changing for the kids who are failing. Another one who puts the Labour/Green ideology ahead of success for children. Mad as a meat axe. A vote for Labour is a vote for Delahunty as an Associate Minister of Education.

In WW2 Londoners sent their children out of London to avoid the blitz. If Delahunty gets near the education portfolio families will need to send their children overseas to avoid the damage.