Gun Control?

Any comment about about gun control is pretty moot as technology advances.

Just like anti-trust cases against Microsoft in the 90s and legislation?proposed?to try to control guns will be?superseded?by technology marching on despite the efforts of legislators.

3D Printing is likely to see an end of traditional mass production manufacturers of firearms.

TechCrunch has a great article about “gun control” and how pointless it is.

If you were to attempt to write a law governing media copyright in 1998, would you attempt to do so without acknowledging the existence of the Internet and compression methods like MPEG-3? Any law crafted under such restrictions would be laughably incomplete.

Likewise, if you were to discuss a law that allows or restricts the creation and distribution of firearms, would you attempt to do so without acknowledging the existence of 3D-printed weapons and the ability to transfer blueprints for them online?

Here?s the problem, though. Like the digitization of music, the digitization of objects, guns or otherwise, is a one-way street. Every step forward is ineffaceable. Once you can make an MP3 and share it online, that?s it, there?s no going back ? the industry is changed, just like that. Why should it be different when you reduce a spoon, a replacement part, a patented tool, or a gun to a compact file that can be reproduced using widely-available hardware? There?s no going back. So what is ?control? now?

Will ISPs use deep packet inspection to watch for gun files being traded? Will torrent sites hosting firearm files be taken down, their server rooms raided? Will all the ineffectual tactics of digital suppression be tried again, and fail again?

Will 3D printers refuse to print parts, the way 2D ones are supposed to refuse to print bills? Will printers have to register their devices, even when those devices can print themselves? How is it proposed that control is to be established over something that can be transferred in an instant to another country, and made with devices that will soon be as common as microwaves?

Part of the discussion has to be that, government or otherwise, there can be no more control over printed?guns?than there can be over printed?spoons. Regulation or banning of firearms, whether you think the idea is good or bad, will soon be impossible.