Hamas celebrates 25 years…of suicide bombings, murder, rocket attacks, repression

The liberal media are fawning all over the 25 year celebration of Hamas…I am not they are a terror organisation…here is what they have done for 25 years

Hamas is celebrating its 25th anniversary today in the Gaza Strip — 25 years of suicide bombings, rocket attacks, incitement to genocide, repression and endless war against Israel.

Throughout the day, the official IDF twitter account, @idfspokesperson, is tweeting examples of the kinds of events that Hamas is celebrating. The IDF is using the hashtag #HamasCelebrates and is encouraging others to use the hashtag and tweet examples of Hamas praising attacks on Israeli civilians.


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  • Gosman

    I’d agree that Hamas is a terrorist organisation dedicated to spreading an ideological idea far at odds with those from the left who support them. The problem is that the organisation was nurtured by the Israelis as a counterweight to Fatah. In a sense the Israelis are reaping what they themselves sowed.

    • Mostly_Harmless

      So what should the Israelis do? Say “Oh well, we brought it on ourselves” and stop fighting Hamas?

    • They can unsow it. Might I suggest the IDF hold a “fireworks” display to assist the celebrations

  • P1LL

    If they would just stop the suicide bombings & lobbing rockets on Israeli , then perhaps a land agreement and a boarder opening could be established . It seems to me that these middle eastern people are fucked in the head ..