Have Maori already sold the rivers and lakes?

Rodney Hide writes in the NBR about Maori and their claims to rivers and lakes and waterways:

[L]et me introduce Hastings businessman Mike Butler.

He blogs for our interest at?BreakingViewsNZ.

He recently explained that the deed detailing the sale and purchase of the Upper Waikato land on September 15, 1864, included the waters, rivers, lakes, and streams.

The deeds themselves were compiled by New Plymouth missionary Henry Hansen Turton, who was involved in numerous land transactions.

They were provided by veteran treaty researcher Ross Baker and are available on a Victoria University of Wellington website. I checked them for myself. It?s true.

The particular sale included the land as described, “with its trees, minerals, waters, rivers, lakes, streams and all appertaining to the said Land or beneath the surface of the said Land?.

That?s right.

The canny officers of the Crown made sure that the purchase included the rivers, lakes, streams and aquifers.

Mr Butler says the clause runs through the various deeds he has looked at.

Here is one of the Deeds: