He could defend the Catholic Church

Paul Daniels has just passed the test in order to qualify as a spokesman for the Catholic Church:

Paul Daniels, the magician, has defended a blog in which he questioned whether sex abuse victims of Jimmy Savile are telling the truth as an “honest” account of life in the 1970s.

Daniels, 74, was accused of “belittling” the victims after he said in a blog post that he has been ?wondering if all of [Savile?s] accusers are for real?.

He said on his blog that he could not be sure that all his groupies were over 16 because life in the 1970s was a ?blur?.

He said he does remember once kissing a ?slightly tiddly? schoolgirl he gave a lift too before realising she was underage.

The entertainer said it was difficult to tell the age of his ?groupies? in the 1970s because they wore ?super-short mini skirts? and ?teetering high heels?.

He yesterday defended his comments by posting messages from fans who praised him for an “accurate and honest account” of showbusiness in the 1970s.

I’d say he will be getting a call fromt eh Pope any day soon.