Headline of the Day

Awesome headline from the Telegraph:

Damian Thompson gets right into the liberal elite subsidised arts bludgers:

To put it another way, people who hold down non-jobs – or work in the arts at a time of crippling deficits – are royally screwed by the drying up of subsidies. They also have problems making sense of chaos. Zizek mocks the Guardian/BBC lobby’s attempts to interpret the Tottenham riots, “trying desperately to translate the protests back into their familiar language”, whereas in fact the only “programme” espoused by the rioters involved free trainers.

These are harrowing times for a bien pensant elite who once gorged themselves at public expense (when someone mentions the Blair years, I think of smarmy “executives” in Alan Yentob stubble slavering over canapés). Now they are showing their panic in different ways – by presenting clumsily biased reports on the Today programme, by throwing hissy fits on the letters page of the Guardian and, as we saw this week, by supporting moves to strangle the conservative newspapers that mock their piggy ways.

The evisceration of this culture is necessary for capitalism to thrive. Let the P45s rain down on White City and Whitehall alike. That’s my view, anyway; Slavoj Zizek thinks capitalism and liberalism should fall together, which is why he exalts “sacred” violence for its own sake. He’s a Communist who appears to believe that private property is theft. So I hope he won’t mind that I downloaded one of his books from the internet without propping up the system by paying for it.


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  • LabTested

    My Ex Wife works for Auckland City Council doing some very high paid development job.

    She is very qualified, engineer, worked for British Aerospace etc.

    I have really tried to understand what she does., … I have actually sat down and tried to understand what her job is.

    It is not possible, Their work is far too woolly.

    Give me back my rates!!!

    • Aren’t you you getting more through her salary than you pay through your rates?

  • Neil

    I love this scenario – more and more of the upper-middle class realising they’re being slid down the slope to join their much hated working class. Welcome to the shit heap folks!!!

    • Red

      Ha Ha – Yes – we saved all of you a place! Bloody hard to continue buying $45kg streaky bacon and run BOTH the Audi’s in this economic climate though, ay what?

      • Hazards001

        It’s eh..ay isn’t a word and aye is a sailors reply

  • Red

    A couple of weeks back my partner invited a friend over. I’d promised to keep my mouth shut, as it was bound to include an anti “Whatever Govt is in right now” tirade at some point.
    In her 50’s & has studied everything from Reike to Flax healing to Teaching. – finally qualified as a teacher – and hates it. Too much paperwork and has decided to quit. Had a decent moan about that – bagged Key for not inventing jobs – Hated everything about the National Govt & then by saying “I just want a fucking ARTS GRANT….” I refrained from vomiting on her – but only for now. Get rid of the grants, it only encourages the non talented to believe they may have some worth.