Helen Kelly and the Together Union

Helen Kelly?s Together Union struggles ? Observation by the Owl

The much vaunted launch of the Together Union which was going bring all the small operators into the great would of fighting for a better place at a bargain price $1.00 a week. The NZCTU funded the new Union with $90,000.00 of NZCTU reserves i.e. affiliated members funds

Now that is virtually giving it away.

The 2012 accounts have been filed and show a $28,947.00 LOSS

Ok for a start up business or is it?

Owls Observation

I congratulate the NZCTU for identifying that unions can be run $1.00 per week and encourage people to join.

After nearly 18 months of investment and advertising the total members who have joined are 47.? (Total annual fees and paid $2,459.00/ $52.00).

To increase members they need to target existing union members as the general working community has not seen the value in the service. I am disappointed because at $1.00 per week and what services they offer as it is quite frankly a great investment.

I do note that the some cherry person or entity invoiced them for $16,763 in ?External Labour Charges?

There is no way that the Together Union will survive financially and the NZCTU should try and recover as much of the $90,000.00 as possible. The total cash on hand at the moment is approximately $50,000.00 from the original $90,000.00

I feel the Owl has done his best to promote the Together Union on here and the Truth.