Hell hath no fury…

This is getting coverage all over the world:

In front of a packed courtroom today, Sergeant Bill Scott read out the police summary of facts.

It said Sloane and Ms Hoffman-Tamm had been friends for more than 20 years and had a casual sexual relationship over the years which had become more intense prior to the murder.

About 11pm on November 7, Sloane sent Ms Hoffman-Tamm a text message saying “hello my little monkey want to have some fun”.

Ms Hoffman-Tamm went to Sloane’s Holland St home and they drove to Liquor King where they bought three dozen stubbies of beer.

They returned to Sloane’s home where they drank and slept together. At some stage during the evening Sloane became “enraged” and launched a “frenzied attack” on Ms Hoffman-Tamm.

She used two knives to inflict 33 stab wounds – one a large knife 4.5cm in width and the other about 1cm in width.

The wounds were mainly to the chest and back. Ms Hoffman-Tamm also suffered blunt force trauma to the head and lost several teeth.

The summary said up to 25 of the stab wounds had potentially been inflicted after death including a cut across Ms Hoffman-Tamm’s throat and a cut from her mouth across her face. Both ears were severed after death and one was put in her mouth.

That’s a lot of bottled up anger coming out the wrong way.

In her explanation to police, Sloane said she thought Ms Hoffman-Tamm had taken $20 from her wallet and she had “lost it”.

That’s right. ?We all do that to people for stealing $20.