Herald Bombs, Ctd

I hope they change the picture for tomorrow:


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  • Zephyr Cobalt

    On line editor: we need a picture of Daniella Smith

    Editor: Is she Brendan Horan’s wife?

    On line ed: No she’s a boxer.

    Ed: Oh she’s Jacinda’s wife?

    Ed: Use this picture of this gay looking wannabe gardener … our readers won’t notice the difference.

    “The Herald … where accuracy means nothing”

    • Dave

      And some people pay for it ……. Worthy of a post under “People are stupid Ctd”

  • For an awful moment I thought Bill Hastings was going to get in the ring ….

  • Spiker

    Fuck they are stupid.

  • They’ve since fixed it.

  • Bunswalla

    Even the picture they used of Bill Hastings is an old one from when he was Chief Censor. He’s now a District Court Judge but they couldn’t be arsed getting a recent picture.


  • snigmile

    I saw that this morning and I honestly thought it was some kind of Chad Bono fag mutant.