Herald Bombs, Ctd

The NZ Herald carries a story about Lance Bain and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Lance Bain loved Ferraris, but after an argument with his partner over a car he was attacked with a mallet and left with a leg wound that became infested with maggots.

He went to hospital 11 days later where he eventually died of a bacterial infection.

Mr Bain’s partner Natalie van Breugel, also known as Natalie Reader, had originally been charged with manslaughter which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

They include a photo of a meat tenderiser rather than a mallet.



Now you could forgive the Herald for mistaking a meat tenderiser for a mallet, maybe, except the details of the case just make them stupid. Stuff reports:

A former high-flying Auckland businessman died after his unattended leg wound became infested with maggots.

Lance Bain, an alcoholic, received a cut to his shin on November 17, 2011 after he was attacked with a rubber mallet by his former partner Natalie Van Breugel, 45, also known as Natalie Reader.

Van Breugel was originally charged with manslaughter but she pleaded guilty today after the charge was dropped to wounding with intent to injure.