Herald Bombs, Ctd


Run a big headline about child sex offences, and then run a photo of someone else right next to it.

Classy, Herald, real classy.



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  • Balanced View

    Pathetic Whale – you really got nothing better to do with your time?

    • LesleyNZ

      No – NZ Herald were lazy and sloppy. They could have easily found a photo of Andrew Lancel.

    • amerikiwi77

      Relax, it’s Sunday morning and I could use a bit of a laugh at the expense of the Herald. Reminds me of…..

    • rightoverlabour

      Excuse me, Pictures are retained more quickly and remembered more easily than words. A fair number of people not reading the detail could easily assume that the person pictured is the culprit. I am sure you would have no problem if the Herald published a picture of you next to the story. And you claim to be “balanced”?. Whale – forward the link to his lawyers, maybe they could sue the herald scum out of existence.

      • Neil

        What sort of dick brain would believe that Paul McCartney was ever in Coro Street? Really….

        • rightoverlabour

          Similar dick brain to that, that put the picture in the Herald…It’s irrelevant what people believe. What is relevant is the perception created by the juxtaposition of the picture and the article. (and not everyone watches Coro).

  • LesleyNZ

    Very poor of NZ Herald in using this photograph – plenty of Andrew Lancel on the net.They should also have said clearly that it was 20 years ago when he was 22. Wonder how old the child was? A bit misleading report because age 22 is very different from 42! Age 22 doesn’t tend to conjour up thoughts of a “dirty old man” but a 42 year old with a child does. Wonder why this child would come forward with a complaint 20 years later? All the saga surrounding Savile maybe?

  • Phar Lap

    Pity they didnt run a story as told in todays Sunday Star Times.Page A5 about an Auckland doctor who was caught wanking ,over young girls pictures..He had 290,000 thousand images.He got four months home detention.He is now back in the business of health,doing you guessed it,CHILD HEALTH and OBSTETRICS..Catholic Church eat your heart out.Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal looks after their own.Out of nineteen health professionals charged with drug and sexual offences EIGHT WERE DUMPED. Eleven were allowed to stay on the job ,FFS Could be one of the pedophile doctors is coming to a practice near you.

    • Page A5? Why wasn’t this page 1?

  • Patrick

    What is Coronation Street?