Herald Bombs, Ctd

Could this be the biggest list of cock ups in the history of the NZ Herald? The original article ran October 26.

It certainly has to be the largest collection of cock-ups in a single story, certainly a new low in the tenure of Shayne Currie.

Who on earth was Amelia Wade consulting in compiling this?

Here is their retraction from today’s paper. It doesn’t appear to be online for some reason, which is strange for a retraction…the original error laden article is still there.



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  • Hamilton Lad

    What is there to say?

  • Whafe

    Once again the Herald is just displaying to us how inept they are as a media outfit, whether it be print or online…
    Are we surprised one bit? No didn’t think so…
    The Herald are very slow learners, and am talking slower than a 2 legged turtle

  • Patrick

    You don’t really think the Herald compiled this themselves do you?
    They just cut n paste from other sources.
    They are not journalists, they are keyboard jockeys cutting and pasting from all over & then puffing out their chests thinking they have done well.

  • cows4me

    What does it matter, it’s not like they believe the unwashed masses will know any different.

  • Chris

    The original list was taken from Wendyl Nissen’s latest book, for which the article was a thinly disguised promo. And when did you ever see a retraction or correction for a Wendyl Wants To Know column??? Never, that’s when.

  • I remember this was taken from Wendyl Nissen’s book. She is another green Green, to put it mildly. Granny Herald already published one correction on Nov 7th, this was still full of errors – and the food industry don’t take this sort of shit. That sanctimonious cow Nissen will complain over manufacturing job losses, she’ll complain over manufacturing itself, she’ll put manufacturers out of work with the bullshit – and it is – she writes. She’ll oppose technological advances to provide cheaper, cleaner fracked gas, and create jobs and wealth for all. And NewstalkZB gives her and windmill man Wells a megaphone each week. And don’t use it to take the piss out of them!