Here we go again


Red Alert really is becoming the wank-piece for backbench Labour MPs desperate to get themselves higher up the Trans-Tasman political rankings. Iain Lees-Galloway is one of them. Yesterday he continued Labour?s we know best attitude with a?post on food labelling. I?ve?posted on Lees-Galloway before?for stirring shit. He really should stick to running one up parliamentary stenographers.

On Saturday, fellow we-know-best Labour MP Sue Moron(ey) had a crack at Tim Macindoe for not supporting?her idea of compulsory nutrition labelling and warnings on alcohol.

It seems these two are oblivious to the law of unintended consequences, instead wishing to believe Iain?s much loved Occam?s Razor where the simplest available theory need not be the most accurate.

Sue and Iain reckon that a forcing a labelling system on food and booze so that it?s broken down by fat, sugar, salt, saturated fat matched by coloured labels to show unhealthy levels (red for bad, green for good) will make people make healthier choices.

Typical of Labour luddites, thinking the more green lights a product gets the better along with thinking food/booze labels are so powerful that people will blindly follow them and change what they buy. Remember?Labour?s downfall over showerheads?

I thought I?d help them out and explain to them how this backfires and creates an embarrassing mess for Sue and Iain.

The next time they?re having a stiff drink wondering which David to vote for, they may suddenly realise that the one product that gets the maximum number of green labels (whoops isn?t that Labour?s definition of the healthiest food choices possible?) is Vodka, Whiskey, Gin and Rum!

Each gets four green light labels ? the maximum positive score using Labour?s system because they?re fat-free, salt-free, sugar-free and have no saturated fat.

Labour?s labelling system makes milk look like an unhealthy choice. Fail.