How much sex in Fifty Shades of Grey?

It turns out that despite all the hype over mummy-porn trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” there is actually f*ck all sex. An article by Rob Orchard in The Economist explains how he came up with a ‘Kinkiness Index’:

[Full Infographic Here]

An infographic like this is always going to have a slightly subjective and impressionistic element to it—what one person thinks of as the height of sauciness, another will see as unexceptional—but we tried to make it as scientific as possible. We mapped out the sexual acts, locations and paraphernalia for the books, then rated them against scales we had created, running from 1 (Vanilla) to 5 (Kinky). So the sex acts scale ran from foreplay to flogging, sex locations ran from “in the imagination” to the infamous Red Room of Pain, and sex paraphernalia ran from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to leather shackles and vibrating wands. The Agglomerated Kinkiness Index just pulls together all three ratings to provide an overall kink reading.

What are the one or two revelations that the charts uncovered that you hadn’t known, or like best?

It’s interesting that the sex levels tail off in the third book (“Fifty Shades Freed”) after Steele and Grey are married. However, they do have some of their kinkiest sex in this novel: it contains one of only two sessions rated at 15/15 on the Agglomerated Kinkiness Index in the entire trilogy.

hat tip Andrew Sullivan


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  • Mediaan

    When will men figure out that, because they are so vulnerable to sex attack, they can be led any way, any time? The focus on this book is moronic. It succeeds only because it is very easy to persuade (dim, trouser-focused) men that in some way they are behind and retarded sexually if they do not know about it.

    Duh. I doubt that most women coud be bothered giving it brain-space.