I bet he was registered, Ctd

The teacher unions oppose Charter Schools because the legislation does not require compulsory registration of teachers. They argue that the kids are safer with registered teachers…

A primary school teacher has been arrested and charged with indecently assaulting pupils at the Auckland school where he worked.

It is understood that police from the child protection unit conducted video interviews with pupils aged between 5 and 10.

In at least three interviews, the children’s statements about the circumstances around the alleged offending were almost identical.

When is the Teachers’ Council going to stop acting like a union protecting its own at any costs and start looking after our children?

The Herald usefully summarises:

  • In August, Kaitaia man James Parker, 37, pleaded guilty to 49 charges of sexually abusing boys at Pamapuria School
  • In July, Papatoetoe High School teacher Damian Christopher Gillard, 43, was suspended after police charged him with a raft of sex and drug-related offending in connection with seven young women.
  • In September, teacher aide Kevin Dean McMillian, 19, was to serve an 18-month intensive supervision order and 200 hours of community work for offending that included exchanging more than 400 text messages, many of a sexual nature, with a 13-year-old girl.

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  • Greatscott1

    Wouldn’t the problem with charter schools be that if a teacher is disbarred from teaching by kiddy fiddling and the like, couldn’t they just get a name change and teach again?

    Registration does make sense for this case, but clearly doesn’t stop them from offending while registered.

  • Michael

    Greatscott1: I’m sure a charter school would do a Ministry of Justice check on any potential employees so would not employ convicted pedophiles. Every job I’ve ever had I’ve had to sign off for them to do a MoJ check (the first being Woolworths).

  • 4077th

    Looks Like Longstone has resigned. Not before time either. Next will have to be Princess Hekia to at least have her portfolio removed and given to a minister with some capability

    • Greatscott1

      Maybe Collins could take over? She has the balls to take on Unions and win.

    • Random66

      Agree, I think the government has dished up Longstone’s head on a plate in the hope of public appeasement but we shouldn’t be satisfied until Hekia has been shown the door.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    This has become so common-place, it needs it’s own “Hall of Shame”.

    • Sarrs

      I know…is it because it’s happening more often or is it just more widely reported?

    • Dave

      Simple solution – No need for a hall of shame, its shameful enough being a member of NZEI. Who would really want to belong to an organization that protects kiddy fiddlers, rapists, fraudsters and the like. Surely any self respecting teacher would be expressing their concern.