I bet he was registered, Ctd

In an almost daily reporting of teachers being charged, convicted, arrested, NewstalkZB adds to the tally:

Former Hutt International Boys School teacher Kevin Fraser Keys, 59, was sentenced in Wellington District Court today to seven months home detention and was ordered to pay $5000 in reparation for emotional harm to his victim.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to two charges of indecent assault of a boy under 16.

He bathed with the boy, took photographs of him naked and performed sex acts while the boy was in his care over four days at a sports tournament in Dunedin and while the boy’s parents were on holiday in Nelson.

In another incident, Keys visited the family home and trapped the boy in his room by sliding a set of drawers in front of the door. He then drew the curtains and assaulted the boy.

Kevin Keys?got home detention.

His explanation for his behaviour?

[He] said he had been confused sexually at the time

Essentially this man got close to raping a 16 year old boy. ?Twice. ?He gets to pay $5000 and is on home detention?

Doesn’t that seem a little light to you?

But you know what? ?He was a registered teacher, so they make sure these sorts of people are filtered out of the school system before too much damage is done.

Oh, wait…