I bet she was registered, Ctd

The teacher union oppose Charter Schools because the legislation does not require compulsory registration of teachers. They argue that the kids are safer with registered teachers…like this one who tried to?hire a gang member to bash her principal.

A teacher tried to hire a gang member to assault her principal because she was being hassled about lies she told to the school, a disciplinary hearing has found.

The high school teacher, whose name is suppressed, told a student she would “sort something out” for her if she arranged for her grandfather, who had gang connections, to confront the principal.

The teacher told a colleague she had arranged for the principal to be “capped”, which the colleague took to mean an injury to the knees.

As usual the Teachers’ Council has taken a ‘nothing to see here, move along’ approach:

Despite her “unprofessional” actions and “serious misconduct”, the Teachers’ Council has given the teacher permission to return to the classroom after a disciplinary hearing last month.

The disciplinary tribunal heard the teacher also fabricated grades for work not done by students, forged the head of department’s signature, and lied about what classes she had taught.

The teacher feared she was going to be fired and so hatched a plan for one of her students’ grandfathers to threaten the principal.

People do screw up and need new starts but PPTA/NZEI cannot protest Charter Schools on the basis of the integrity of the Teachers’ Council and the registration system.


The Teachers’ Council were not willing to sanction someone who had falsified grades, forged signatures, lied about classes taught and attempted to arrange to have the Principal assaulted. She wasn’t sanctioned as she was: “passionate about being a teacher and for financial reasons”.