Imperator Fish’s predictions

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish makes some predictions. My favourites are:

Changes in the blogosphere

David Farrar will retire from blogging, move away from politics entirely, and devote himself wholeheartedly to a new business selling dietary supplements and self-help books. Chris Trotter will take over at Kiwiblog.

Someone should tell Scott that?Chris?has been ghost writing Kiwiblog for some years.

The world will end again

2013 will happen, and the world won’t end on December 21 this year. But someone will discover that they?calculated?the date wrong and that Doomsday is actually scheduled for late 2013, just after morning tea, when Jesus will turn up to announce who is to be saved from the fiery inferno to come. Confusion will reign when the first person on his list turns out to be Cameron Slater.

We are all saved Scott.

New show

TV3 will launch a new entertainment show called?Labour’s Caucus Has Got Talent.

No it hasn’t.