Is Hekia Parata Nicola Murray?

In the television series The Thick of It, Malcolm Tucker is constantly attacking inept government minister Nicola Murray.

Inexperienced and naive, she begins her tenure poorly with a number of public embarrassments…

Malcolm Tucker also coined the term Omnishambles to describe Nicola Murray. It was also chosen as the word of the year?on 13 November 2012, by the?Oxford English Dictionary.

Hekia Parata was full of promise…touted by Bill English’s mob as a potential leader and thus far she has set about destroying any possibility of that ever?occurring.

Her latest embarrassment is having one of her decisions declared unlawful:

Education Minister Hekia Parata unlawfully tried to close a girls’ special needs school by disregarding warnings they would face greater risks of sexual abuse, a judge has found.

In a reserved judgment in the High Court at Wellington, Justice Robert Dobson said Ms Parata’s order to close Salisbury School, a residential establishment in Nelson, was unlawful because it relied on the possibility of sending some girls to live at Halswell School in Christchurch – a boys’ special needs school.

Ms Parata had argued there was no evidence to suggest handicapped adolescent girls would be more vulnerable if moved together with boys. The plan was to have separate living quarters.

But Justice Dobson said that seeing the risks took “no great leap in logic”.

The school had raised the issue during a meeting with Ms Parata, and a report about the vulnerability of girls at special needs schools had been earlier published for the Education Ministry and police.

“The minister’s decision failed to have regard to available warning signals raised by and on behalf of the [school] trustees about greater levels of risk of abuse in a co-educational setting,” Justice Dobson said.

In the US election Mitt Romney earned the epithet “RomneyShambles“…perhaps it is time now for the same thing to happen to Hekia Parata – the HekiaShambles. She is just like Nicola Murray, all suit and spin…and like the coffee machine mentioned in the video above.

Perhaps when Big Gerry has finished dealing with the Christchurch disaster he could be put in charge of fixing up Hekia?

Hekia could however hold her chin up…because Nicola Murray does go on to lead the opposition in the 4th series of The Thick of It.