Is this guy serious?

According to Fairfax journalist Rob Kidd, a drug cook is dead because of  the Police:

A man who died from toxic fumes caused by the P-lab he had set up in a Coromandel cave would probably be alive today were it not for a police cock-up.

The bodies of Grant Wyllie, 49, and Kerry Alexander Murphy, 40, were retrieved from an abandoned mine shaft near Whitianga on October 13.

The pair had set up a makeshift methamphetamine lab and it’s believed a petrol-powered generator caused them to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Murphy should not have been there.

A year before his death, charges of possession of methamphetamine for supply and possession of equipment used to manufacture the Class A drug were thrown out of court.

Justice Allan granted the Sunday Star-Times access to a High Court file which shows Murphy was caught “red handed” with 1.67 kilograms of P – worth around $1.5 million – in his Morrinsville home in May, 2009.

However, “conscious recklessness” by police, who were eventually found to have misled the court, meant the evidence found during the warrantless search was unusable and Murphy was released.

Riiiight…so he is dead because he got released from jail because of a stuff up…not because he was a career criminal more concerned with cooking meth than practising sensible ventilation precautions that every Guide or Scout learns at a young age.

Well fuck me…I’ve seen it all now.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    An even better result than messing around with the Justice

    We have saved the cost of putting him in one of
    our 5 star holiday prisons.

    The average IQ of the country has just gone up.

    One less, net economic loss, beneficiary.

    Well done.

    • Boss Hogg

      Natural Justice at its best !!

      • Richard McGrath

        So you both advocate user pays in hospitals for all smokers and drinkers, who experience natural justice when they get emphysema, lung and oral cancers, liver cirrhosis, etc.? In effect, make everyone responsible for the costs of their health care? That’s the ultimate natural justice, given that many health outcomes reflect lifestyle choices. I certainly advocate user pays in health care (mitigated by insurance which people are free to purchase). Make people responsible for their choices!

        • Hazards001

          Fair enough. Remove all the taxes from Alcohol and Tobacco then. Let those that choose to drink and smoke use their own money to pay for the insurance. But I suspect like most people you will want to pick and choose which users pay for what.

  • Some benefit has come from light handed regulation of workplace safety.

  • disqus_D4doGk7kdL

    This ‘journalist’ drove me close to laying a complaint – WTF is he thinking? . I would have thought one less P cook was doing NZ a favour.

    • Laying a complaint… it may make you feel better. But it won’t change a thing.
      Better to remember Robert Kid, “journalist” at Fairfax is a complete cock and view his work from now on accordingly.

  • Mr_V4

    Good to see our schools are succeeding in teaching logical thought and causation?

    • Dave

      maybe he has Kosh/Meg as a teacher !!

  • Vlad

    Pretty ordinary basic story & either the reporter or the sub has searched for an angle to freshen it. If either of them had wit, intelligence, or experience they would have recognized that this angle is a completely daft & weird non-starter that will piss off any reader with an IQ above room temperature. I am hoping it is just because it is a weekend and the last remaining editor with a brain was on a day off.

  • thor42

    Good riddance to these scumbag pricks!

    At least they won’t be around to encourage anyone else to follow their LOSER lifestyle.

    Definitely candidates for a Darwin Award.

    • Richard McGrath

      They are indirectly victims of a totally arbitrary war on substance use, where the government conveniently happens to overlook the number 1 and 2 ranked drugs in terms of causing death, disability and suffering through the consumption thereof.

      • Macca

        Bullshit Richard!!!!!! It was the Labour government that did nothing to address the P problem under Jim Andertons watch! I still remember Anderston being interviewed on TV and saying that we had no P problem in New Zealand but we did have an alcohol problem when there was overwhelming evidence P was spiraling out of control!

        Yet again National having to address a problem swept under the carpet by Labour – see also leaky houses which Labour did NOTHING about!

  • Mitch82

    As I said in the General Debate thread, it’s actually Rob Kidd’s fault these two both died – he failed in his role as a journalist to report on the dangers of cooking methamphetamine with a petrol generator in a confined space.

    This is inexcusable, and Fairfax needs to show that they’re sensitive to the working conditions of methamphetamine producers, who are often subjected to very dangerous work conditions, by disciplining Rob Kidd for failing Mr Wyllie and Mr Murphy, and all drug cooks in this country.

  • Jimmie

    Probably a better outcome than all the scum bags that rape and murder while let out on bail – at least this time the scrote only killed himself

    • Travis Poulson

      Nature has a way of working things out, everything fell into place like pieces of a puzzle: natural selection at its best.

  • cows4me

    “well fuck me…I’ve seen it all now” , probably not. I’m sure you have just scratched the surface.

  • Yoyo

    Really clutching at straws this one. Fair enough if they made mistakes three years ago, but to then go on and say that was responsible for killing him?! Yeah right, nothing more than sensationalism drivel this story!

  • Gazzaw

    How many deaths and how much misery has Murphy caused in his life? Fuck him – it’s called karma.

  • Rodger T

    This is what passes for repeaters logic,next he will be blaming the cops for the deaths of fuckwits that crash their cars and kill themselves whilst running from the cops. Oh ….. wait?
    Cretins killing themselves breaking the law seems like a result to the rest of us,but then, because we have not broken any laws we have no rights.

  • i agree with Robb

  • Richard McGrath

    Heaven forbid that an adult should be able to put harmful things into his/her body, but still remain responsible and be accountable for the consequences (harm to self and others).

    I mean, aren’t people aware that politicans know better than they do what should and shouldn’t go into their bodies?

    Oh hang on, what about Gerry Brownlee and Parekura Horomia, perhaps they have put too many pies into their bodies. Should they and their ilk really be lecturing the rest of us about substance abuse?

    What about alcohol and tobacco, why are people allowed to put both those cancer-causing gateway drugs into themselves with impunity, but not cannabis?

    Seems it’s OK for adults to take drugs as long as the government can tax them for doing it. That’s the test of a good or bad drug.

    • Hazards001

      Did you escape from the green party?

    • DJ

      What the fuck are you rambling on about? It sounds like you’re the one experimenting. Nutcase.

  • I have never commented on your posts, do not agree with many, but you are spot on with this and something needs to be done about it. This reporter is an idiot and the editor responsible for allowing this to go to print should be fired.

  • Ahahahahahaha What a dumb-arse. That is all.

  • DJ

    Oh dear, now the post has been retracted off Stuff, does the wanker have to pay back his subs?