It was the best of years and the worst of years

This year has been pretty tumultuous. But as it draws to a close I can say it has?definitely?been the worst of years and the best of years.

Most of the year has been spent building on successes of past years….and also quietly supporting Mum as she got more and more tired, and in September sicker and sicker.

On the day that Mum died, Dad said to me that night before we turned in that this year has been the worst year of his life…I stopped and thought…and yes I couldn’t think of a worse year. He had lost his life partner and I had lost my Mum…it doesn’t get much worse than that. Even in my darkest days of depression I have never felt as awful as I did that day.

I still miss my Mum, it is the little things that you miss. She used to ring me straight after I’d been on radio, offering little hints for next time, or call me about something she had seen that I could blog…and then there was the wise advice I could always rely on getting. Mum’s faith was also something to hold in awe…even the day before she died her faith was unshakeable…so certain she was that everything was as it should be. We talked often about religion and philosophy and the plan of salvation. Mum knew more about politics than most.

I miss her.

But life moves on…and so it did…slowly. I was talking with Truth when Mum was ill, in fact I had a meeting with them on day before she died. She knew what was going on, she encouraged me.

And so a month after Mum passed I became the editor of Truth…from terrible pain came something brilliant…and the worst of years turned into a better year.

So too today, to see Dad finally honoured for all of his volunteer work over the years…the things he has done for this country, both here in New Zealand and representing New Zealand offshore…he bloody deserves that ONZM…I am just glad that the weekend before Mum passed she was able to hear the news that Dad…and her…would be honoured with this award.

I am very blessed, that?despite?all the grief that I?have?visited?upon myself and those close to me that I am still here to carry on and to continue to make an impact.

I love what I do and I am lucky to have people around me who?trust?in me to keep doing what I love to do.

Since it is the close of the year there are some people I would like to thank…in no particular order…for their support and their belief in me;

Dad, Juana, Kevin, Mary, Paul H, Chantelle P, James C, the boys at Small Group, Simon, Jordan, David F, Megan, Cathy, Russell, Amanda E, Pete B, Travis P, Daniel, Mark M, Jimmy P, Leighton, Willie, Chris T, David C…?countless?others who send me emails of thanks, texts and all the little things that they do that they think go unacknowledged…

I am sure I have forgotten more than a few, please don’t feel insulted…there is simply so many people to thank.

Thank you all…in this the worst of years and the best of years.

Meanwhile my detractors will keep on coming…and I only have this to say to them: