Jail too tough for Ginga Diddums

According to the article, a poor little ginger headed boy is being picked on in jail.

A legal adult scum burglar was bad enough to get a jail sentence (that takes some doing!), and the fact he doesn’t like being there may just be something called consequences.

Jordan Terrance Marsh, 18, has been at Manawatu Prison since early last month after being arrested on five burglary charges.

One of those burglaries was at the Palmerston North house of 71-year-old Margaret Storm.

Ms Storm turned up to the Palmerston North District Court yesterday and was initially reluctant to face Marsh.

But that changed after she heard him read a couple of letters he had written saying how sorry he was and how he sits alone in prison thinking about his family and his victims.

??Just yesterday a Nomad gang member spat in my face because I ate my breakfast and didn?t give it to him,?? Marsh said.

??Prison has been really hard for me being a little red-headed white boy.??

Hand me a tissue already.

Ms Storm then faced Marsh and said she felt better for hearing him speak.

??I hope you make the most of it because you have a long life ahead of you and I?d like to see you succeed,?? Ms Storm told him.

Judge Barbara Morris decided to sentence Marsh to seven months? home detention for that burglary, which happened on October 15, and order him back to court in March to check on his progress.

He will then be sentenced on the other matters.

As Marsh left the dock, he waved to Ms Storm, but she was not looking.

“[A]?little red-headed white boy” better use this chance to sort his shit out. ?If not, the ?judge should stick him back in jail for a very long time.