John Kerry is a cunning bastard

John Kerry looks set to be named Obama’s new Secretary of State:

Mr. Kerry has worked hard to deepen his relationship with Mr. Obama. The president has at times considered him long-winded and a throwback to a previous generation of diplomats, aides said. But Mr. Kerry impressed Mr. Obama and Mr. Donilon when he was sent to deal with Hamid Karzai, the famously unpredictable president of Afghanistan, after Mr. Karzai?s supporters rigged a presidential election in 2009 and refused a second round of voting.

Mr. Kerry also visited Pakistan several times to try to ease recurrent tensions, including a two-week visit after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Pakistani officials tried to get Mr. Kerry to write what they called a ?blood oath? that the United States would never take action to seize Pakistan?s nuclear arsenal. Mr. Kerry found a diplomatic way out, saying the United States had no ?designs? on Pakistan?s weapons.

?It meant nothing,? a member of Mr. Obama?s national security team said later. ?And it solved the crisis. Quite artfully.?