Key on MMP

From The NBR:

“Prime Minister John Key says Brendan Horan’s expulsion from New Zealand First’s caucus has highlighted public frustration with MMP.”

Maybe the PM will support a Vote for Change?

Oh, wait….


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  • Graeme Edgeler

    What on Earth has this to do with MMP?

    • MarcWills

      Perhaps it’s something to do with why one Mr Horan is even in parliament – he represents no-one, and is not accountable to the taxpayers paying for the trough he feeds out of. I can see why he would like to keep his ~$200,000 pa rort going for another 2 years. Who wouldn’t like a job where you don’t even have to turn up to work to get this incredible amount of money for doing… well nothing really. Of course, Mr Hatfield has set the bar quite low already as an example in respect of actually doing something beneficial, but at least he has the excuse that he represents an electorate (even if it is racially determined, and I can’t even get an opportunity to vote him out).

  • Phar Lap

    Johnny boy most people on this blog site,would follow you into the valley of death ,if asked.Your stance on MMP needs alot more explaining than your previous explanations.We your loyal supporters on the WO blog site are holding our breath,as we live in hope.Time you struck a blow for common sense and explain why the MMP system is a sick joke.

  • cows4me

    Can’t speak for the public JK but it’s the whole works that upset me. You can start with the amount of you bludgers, then bludgers that represent no one but still wallow in the trough, then politicians to weak to make the strong decisions while using the political system for an excuse, then politicians who use the political system for an excuse well still supporting said system, hint, look in mirror.

    • Mr_Blobby

      This is what happens when you have a populist DonKey for
      prime minister and a troupe of clapping MonKeys for support.

      What we needed was for a proper view one way or the other.
      Instead the MMP Nazis were allowed to run amok slapping down all opposition.

      MMP has proved to be not only undemocratic but more flawed
      than FPP. We also need urgent action on race based seats and unelected advisory councils with voting rights.

      Given it is National that is pandering to the minorities more
      than anyone else, don’t expect any sensible change in policy.

      Back to FPP, get rid of race based seats and be done with
      the Muppets unless they can actually get enough votes to win a seat. I mean
      really, look at the rubbish in Parliament, it is a laughing stock. Look at the
      lack of quality. Would Honke harawera ever be voted in on his own account or
      the political wing of the criminal gangs or the 2nd rate retreaded rubbish from
      NZ first, not to mention the Green retards, honestly.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I think that list MPs should get paid less than electorate MPs unless they hold a ministerial office. They have no responsibility for anything and are really nothing but lobby fodder.
    Also I beleive that there shoulod be training for incoming MPs. I beleive we should have MORE electorate MPs, less List MPS and less MPS as a whole.

  • Jimmie

    Maybe they should change the list voting system to something that works like this:

    Each party puts up its list candidates at an election.

    East voter then votes against the list candidates they don’t want in Parliament.

    The candidates with the least number of no votes gets into Parliament.

    This way when scrotes get put high on a party list they can get the DCM from the voters regardless.

  • FedUpWithKey

    Key should just do what he knows is right for the country:

    Change the electoral act back to FPP with a property & income qualification — and dare Hellen’s supreme court, the cops, the army, or DPMC to stand in his way. While he’s at it, ban union involvement (and any union or ex-union affiliated organizations and leaders) from politics.

    Then call a snap FPP election now for a five-year term.

    if we had Cam as PM instead of Key, this would already have happened.

    Can anyone else think of any better alternative?